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The the.

Happy Sunday, pals!

Found this little piece of wonder art roaming around Crown Heights last weekend, and of course could only think of The Man on the Dump, which is what I wrote my thesis on, and where this little blog here got its name. This week was a long one, but as I write this, I'm on a plane heading west towards Seattle and the islands just past to see my family and walk on driftwood. More of an update on that will come soon!

A very long list from around the interwebs:

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Custom furniture in a Snap.

Super lovely ceramics.

Perfect black and white summer ensemble.

Speaking of summer uniforms: espadrilles.

Carolina Herrera is a class-act. 

Women in Tech. 

An important question to ask about gender: How do you know? 

If I didn't have a stack of unread New Yorkers a few stories high, I would be all over this

A village covered in ivy. 

My favorite bookstore in Tokyo

I finally read Kitchen Confidential, and this was a great follow-up. 

Cambridge Satchel Company is having a giant sale. You should probably #treatyoself. (This is my pick.)

Have a beautiful weekend.