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Yes way.

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a wonderful week and weekend even sans a link round up. Wink. The Supreme Court news on Friday had me on the verge of happy tears basically all day long, and I was so glad to celebrate it with some friends this weekend (including drinking a bottle of rose and talking about everything). Saturday proved gray and rainy and the perfect weather for catching up (finally) on Orange is the New Black and cups of tea. Hope your week is off to a great start. 

So it turns out that you miss a whole lot when you're offline for more than a week. Here's another longer-than-normal link round up for your perusal: 

How much should you be exercising?

My kind of humor.

Female filmmakers. With a side of Meryl.

I would welcome these sounds

This is a wedding dress collection I can get behind. 

Yes Way Rose and their refrigerator

Stepped up my pajama game and I feel really good about it.

How often do you say thank you

What's your #1? Mine is currently this luminizer

Handy for all those museum galas you go to. 

Best beach waves tutorial like ever? 

On good taste.

Praise the Lorde, as always. 

Have a good start to the week.