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In bloom.

Happy rainy Sunday, pals.

Sorry for the slight delay in getting this weekly round up posted—though this Sunday thing is kind of working for me, I have to admit. The week at work was a whirlwind due to a major conference—more on that later—so internet-ing? It didn't really happen. But this weekend was one of the loveliest I've had in awhile, starting on Friday with my friend and coworkers tacos-and-mezcal birthday celebration, ending with tonight's summer thunderstorm (which I couldn't help but keep the windows open for), and a trip to the Rockaways in between. Hope yours was just as lovely. 

Around the interwebs this week:

So, when can I move in

Helpful career tips for leaning in, being superwoman, having it all, etc. 

RIP G.O.A.T goat. 

These skivvies, please. 

This girl is killing the summer dress game. 

Speaking of, can't wait for Sezane's next collection, launching next Sunday.

Amy Schumer + The Bachelorette = Yes

How to revive stale bread. (Just tried it on my Bread Alone nine-grain from last weekend.)

I think Lupita has got the red carpet thing down.  

Have a good start to your week.