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Solid & Striped.

Have you guys heard of the swimwear brand Solid & Striped? This sorta-new-to-me (thanks, H!) company launched in 2012 out of Water Mill, NY. They focus on making high-quality swimsuits in classic cuts. Which more or less means that I would like one of each, please.

I was reminded of the brand while I read the most recent issue of Vogue this past weekend. Model Hilary Rhoda and her former-hockey-player husband Sean Avery have teamed up with the company to design, as Vogue says, "a limited-edition eight-piece collection of his-and-hers maillots, along with hoodie ponchos and unisex oxfords." Hoodie ponchos aside, I'm excited to see what this duo puts forth. In her everyday style, Rhoda is known for consistently hitting that sweet spot between elegant and tomboyish. And, come to think of it, that's exactly what I look for in my swimwear. 

According to Vogue, the collaboration was supposed to launch Memorial Day weekend, but it's still on its way according to the site. No harm done though—Solid & Striped's own collection is pretty much perfect. Any suits catch your eye? 

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Other swimwear brands doing great things right now: Bikyni (for reasonably priced basics), Boys and Arrows (for some seriously sexy but offbeat suits), and Marysia (very ladylike maillots). 

Enjoy the deep dive.