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You made it!

Happy long weekend, pals. I have no plans whatsoever, besides being outside as much as I can and probably drinking rose. There will maybe be a dinner party? Perhaps a trip to the beach? Possibly a rooftop BBQ? Nice to have some maybes over these next three days. What are you up to this weekend?

Some good things around the internet:

Speaking of rose—I loved this list on Man Repeller and these tips on Cup of Jo. 

Fair trade for the global garment industry. 

Karl Lagerfeld's grocery store and Georgia O'Keefe's home.

Judy Bloom knows all your secrets.

My kind of summer dinner. (Relatedly, this weird trick for figuring out if your steak is done.)

Myrtle's Independent Women. 

Laura Nolte has such a cool job.

Can't wait to twirl around in this dress

Have a good one! x