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Best buds.

So I'm a bit late to post these links. But since spring was a bit late to post these buds, maybe we'll call it even?

I'm writing this Saturday night, having just returned from a full day hanging out with my dad. He and I met in Brooklyn so he could see my new place and so we could have a full diner breakfast at Tom's. We headed across the Hudson to New Jersey to see my brother and his crew team race. (And, as it turns out, eat the best Mexican food I have ever had—no joke—at some random place in Elizabeth, NJ.) It was a sunny, windy day and I felt like all of a sudden there were more signs of spring than slightly warmer air and bare ankles. Thank goodness for that.

Some bits and pieces from around the internet:

Experiences not things. 

Tough and important: The Columbia Journalism Review's analysis of Rolling Stone's 'A Rape on Campus' article. 

The inimitable Toni Morrison.

Still haven't given up my ballerina dreams.

Get at me, triangular cabinet.

Trenches for everyone.

I've got my eye on these kicks.

Madewell's secret sauce.

Maps! Mapsmapsmapsmapsmaps.

Your upstairs neighbors, too? 

(Also, I got to interview Teju Cole and he was delightful.)

Enjoy your Sunday. xo