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Have you guys heard of Quarter Life Poetry? A self-proclaimed "reluctant 25-year old" writes funny quatrains and provides illustrations about the ups-and-downs of being this weird age. 

I'll turn 25 in September, and for whatever reason—it's a quarter of a century, people can say I'm in my "mid-twenties," it just seems adult—it feels momentous, like one of those birthdays I should pay attention to, sit up a little straighter for. Of course, for all of that, it's most likely true that just like in my 24th year, and my 23rd, I'll feel mostly like I have no idea what I'm doing, and no idea about when I'll actually feel like I do. 

Quarter Life Poetry gets it. The posts are very real and very funny and make you feel a little bit like you have company in these goofy, flailing post-college years. Sometimes while reading, I'll sigh dramatically and wallow for a hot-second. But most times, I just want to invite the Quarter Life Poet over for a glass of two-buck chuck on my fire escape to say thank you. 

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