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Didn't wear a hat OR gloves out of the house this morning. (I'm choosing to ignore that they went back on as soon as the wind picked up and the sun went behind a cloud.)

But the fact is spring finally felt less like fiction than it has for the past couple months. I'm celebrating that.

My friend H. had me over for brunch. We ate this cake and drank this coffee, and then visited this shop and ogled this bag.

I took advantage of her dark floors and snapped this while she was putting on real clothes:

(This polish. White jeans from here. This Madewell button-up (button-down? Where do we stand on that?))

So now I'm settling in to keep marathoning The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which is sort of filling the 30 Rock shaped hole in my heart. And to maybe buy a couch. Wish me luck. 

Happy Sunday.