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A certain slant.

Happy Friday, finally!

Thank goodness it's Friday, huh? I'm heading to D.C. this weekend to see one of my friends from college, but it turns out there's going to be a bit more of a crew there. It'll be fun—there will be Easter brunch, some sunshine, and maybe even some early cherry blossoms. 

Design Sponge and Alea Toussaint teamed up to gift us some beautiful patterns this week. (The first one that caught my eye/represented my life was this one. So many bobby pins.)

Did you also find that Modern Love column... questionable? The Toast gets it. 

Ellen Pao and the sexism you can't quite prove

Really important: giving teenagers faced with terminal illness a voice. 

Cheap sunglasses, expensive lingerie. I have Feelings about this.

I've been craving Tex-Mex like crazy, so it's kind of cool that this place opened up. Dinner next week!

Please put this pie in my belly. 

Also, I'm set on entering into rosé season with this one. And also consulting this website a lot.

Raising a glass to you this weekend!