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Danielle Kroll.

In the same week, I came across Brooklyn-based illustrator Danielle Kroll's work on both Buddy Editions and Anthology and was immediately charmed. Her work is playful, funny, and a little weird, but manages to avoid veering into the art version of Manic Pixie Dream Girl territory. 

Her career began in Anthropologie's art department, but only a few years in, she was able to make her own artwork her day job. She has since worked with clients like Kate Spade, Warby Parker, Chronicle Books, Real Simple, and even Google. 

Typically, Kroll uses gouache, india ink, and cut paper for her creations, which range from still lifes to punny sketches to wallpaper-worthy patterns. However, my favorite series incorporates old nature photos as a canvas for her illustrations and text. So, on a day last week that should've been spring but just wasn't, I treated myself to La Costa Delle Donne (right). Only partially in hopes I'd be able to Katie's Picture Show my way into it.

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