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Indigo girl.

With its (literal) roots in India thousands of years ago, the use of the Indigofera tinctoria plant for blue dye spread like wildfire to the rest of the world. Prized for its beauty and its rarity, indigo was indicative of luxury, and often referred to as "blue gold" along trade routes.

It found its way into traditional dyeing techniques in Japan (think shibori), Nigeria (adire), and, of course, into pairs of good old American denim. 

This whole indigo obsession this season? I'm very, very into it. Like, dangerously into it. If I were just slightly more reckless (and had not just bought a couch, or moved into a new apartment, or...) my entire closet would immediately transform into this blue hue. 

Which I would be okay with. As would Eiffel 65, I'd assume.