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Rain, rain.

I've had a necessarily quiet weekend and stayed in with a stack of books and magazines and mugs and mugs of tea, listening to the rain yesterday and the wind today. After a long week, I needed that restorative kind of weekend, I think. Deep breaths as a gray Sunday night rolls in. 

Right now:

I'm listening to this new French ditty and this old favorite. 

I'm reading about being a literary agent, hysteria, Ellen Pao, Mad Men, and why I really love chicken tikka masala

I'm really loving this photo series of people covered in honey, in part because I would love to do this. (And I cover my face in this honey every other day anyway.) 

I'm getting a kick out of these 15-second videos the Gap made with Paul Dano and Jenny Slate. 

                                                                            View from my office window.

                                                                          View from my office window.

Have a good end of the weekend, pals.